Sunday, November 25, 2012

finally...a little tour of my house

I found out that taking pictures of one's house isn't as easy as I once believed. I have a greater appreciation for the skills of my dear photographer-friends and hope that since they will undoubtedly be disappointed in these photographs, that they will come and retake them for me. :-)

With that said, welcome to the dear little row house that I share with my sweet roommate and coteacher, Darla. (I don't know why this picture insists on uploading sideways.)
We live on the corner at a four-way intersection. Here is a view from the front porch.

Here is a wreath I decorated the other day for the front door. Sorry the picture is sideways again. :-(

 I had bought a grapevine wreath and found this idea on pinterest. The paper doily flowers are lovely and SO  easy to make. Here is one made with tea-stained doilies:

I am not at all good at taking pictures of rooms, so it's mostly going to be pictures of nooks and corners. Here's one:

 And an awful picture of a pretty decoration: (Yes, I am getting ready for Christmas! What better time than Thanksgiving vacation?)

 I L.O.V.E. real greenery, pinecones, and red berries (most of my red berries are fake this year, though). And Christmas lights!! There are lights intertwined with the greenery. The print in the center you cannot see well at all, but it is a beautiful free printable from Dayspring.

Another corner of the living room: (The stairway is behind this wall.)

 The  wallhanging I just finished tonight. I spray-painted an ugly picture frame, printed a free bird picture I found online and printed a verse.

(I am not pleased with these sideways photos.)

Here's a view of the dining room:

And the other wall:

I like the old cupboard in the corner. It looks like a wardrobe you could walk through. :-)

Featuring my sister's lovely handwriting!

The kitchen is going to have to wait. It is small and cute, but not so cute with dishes all over the counter and I was a bit out of patience with the picture taking thing. Except, here is the top of the microwave. The coffee plaque is to go on the wall eventually. I was so excited to find this at the mall the other day! (I found it at a store named Kirkland's. They have some cute and inexpensive decor.)

And this one, especially for Shaunda: (Shari posted about your idea, which is how I got it.)

This spice drawer is really helping to preserve my sanity! It used to not be fun to cook with spices, stacked on top of each other and falling all over the place. Now I actually enjoy making recipes that call for a lot of spices.

That's all for now. :-)


  1. Such a cute place!! I want to come see it in person!!

  2. The floral couch is my favorite. I know that somehow I would feel right at home lounging on it. :)