Sunday, January 13, 2013

just a few reasons why I love urban living

1. Cultural experiences....I enjoy being around and interacting with people of different ethnicities and cultures on a daily basis. God made people so beautifully diverse!

2. Exercising is an essential part of my daily routine. To get to work and back, I walk 1.2 miles per day, and many days I walk somewhere else as well. Another thing I love about walking is that I recognize more and more people in the neighborhood whom I cross paths with as I am walking.

3. It is possible to experience the freedom of not having a car! I love it. No insurance bills, no accelerated heartbeat when you check the sign at the gas station. No car appointments.

4. So many invitations to talk about Jesus! I get asked anything from "What religion are you?" to "Are you Pilgrims?", and comments range from, "God bless you, sisters!" to "I always love the Jewish people." :)

5. Public transit! I love that I can travel anywhere in this entire city that the metro, Light Rail, or city bus runs,  all day long, for only $3.50. I feel perhaps the most a part of my new neighborhood/city when I ride the Light Rail or bus. Figuring out the bus system is an excellent way to learn how the streets run and to meet interesting people.

Case in point: Last night Katrina and I went on adventure downtown. On the way home we caught the bus, which arrived 30 minutes late. Partway home the bus driver stopped the bus next to a shopping plaza and told us, "Sorry, I have to use the restroom, I'll be right back." After scolding a passenger (who appeared to be in some state of influence) for spilling his McDonald's milkshake over the floor, she exited the bus. Another passenger decided to take advantage of the opportunity and dashed to a restaurant in the plaza. The milkshake-spilling passenger exited the bus in an angry huff.

A few minutes later, bus driver and restaurant-going passenger returned to the bus. As she began to drive, she called back to us, "Does anyone know how this route runs? Can you tell me where to turn?" Two gentlemen sitting near Katrina and me graciously helped her out...I was even able to assist a bit! One of the gentlemen joked that he would tell her how to get to his house. :)

Katrina and I arrived back feeling entertained and a bit more native. :)

6. On rainy days like today, umbrellas are more romantic than windshield wipers. Just saying.


  1. I love this post, Rosanne. You make me want to move to a big city and ride the metro/bus. This post brings back so many memories from when I lived as a single young lady in Poland.

  2. I know I would love to live in the city!! It is a fun adventure. Looking forward to spending a few days with you in your city! =)